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  • I decided to make a baby sports bag set to give my cousin for her baby shower. I had this idea on my to-do list for years, so an invite to a shower for an expected baby boy was the push I needed to finally create it! I decided to include a baseball, basketball, football, and soccer ball. I wanted to keep going and make other sports balls, but the project took a little longer than planned and the bag only holds so many balls, so I decided to stop after the soccer ball!

    This purchase includes 10 PDFs. I have included two PDF patterns for EACH pattern. One with detailed pictures – and one with NO pictures (in case of printing and you don’t wish to print all the pictures).

    1. Baby Sports Bag with pictures
    2. Baby Sports Bag without pictures
    3. Basketball with pictures
    4. Basketball without pictures
    5. Baseball with pictures
    6. Baseball without pictures
    7. Soccer ball with pictures
    8. Soccer ball without pictures
    9. Football with pictures
    10. Football without pictures


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  • We recently bought some new non-stick pans. In order to protect their surfaces from scratches when stacking them for storage, I made some cute egg pan protectors! The pan care directions stated to use soft dish cloths in between the pans when stacking, but I think these are much more fun and cute to use than boring old dish cloths! I credit my husband with the egg idea – when I told him I planned to make some pan protectors/dividers, he said I should make them look like eggs. I thought that was an awesome idea! I made a set in three sizes to fit my three different sized pans.

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  • Make sure your mug is “armed” for a long work day or maybe a late-nighter with my Reload Mug Belt. It can hold up to three K-Cups and adjusts to fit standard-sized mugs. It also makes a great gift for a hot drink lover so they are always loaded with more of their favorite drink.

    This mug belt pattern is written to fit most standard-size mugs. It can be easily adjusted to larger or smaller mugs by adding or deleting rows.

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