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  • We recently bought some new non-stick pans. In order to protect their surfaces from scratches when stacking them for storage, I made some cute egg pan protectors! The pan care directions stated to use soft dish cloths in between the pans when stacking, but I think these are much more fun and cute to use than boring old dish cloths! I credit my husband with the egg idea – when I told him I planned to make some pan protectors/dividers, he said I should make them look like eggs. I thought that was an awesome idea! I made a set in three sizes to fit my three different sized pans.

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  • Make sure your mug is “armed” for a long work day or maybe a late-nighter with my Reload Mug Belt. It can hold up to three K-Cups and adjusts to fit standard-sized mugs. It also makes a great gift for a hot drink lover so they are always loaded with more of their favorite drink.

    This mug belt pattern is written to fit most standard-size mugs. It can be easily adjusted to larger or smaller mugs by adding or deleting rows.

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